It always seems possible, often easy to push against external factors that stand in your way. We program ourselves many times to expect resistance and put our best armoury forward to deal with it. It doesn’t matter how high the odds are stacked against us, where we come from, how uneducated we are, what we’ve been through, who agrees with us, if we know who we are, nothing can stop us.

It’s the internal wars that often knock us out. The battle of the mind is the bottom line. Absolute defeat crouches in the shadows for you alone to search it out. It didn’t pounce when you lost your job, or when your child started rebelling. Defeat didn’t show up when you were abused, or when you had that abortion. Defeat didn’t come knocking when that person left, or when you lost ‘everything’. It’s the resignation to those feelings of failure, inadequacy, rejection, unworthiness, guilt, bitterness, unforgiveness. Those will lead you to hopelessness and that’s where you’ll have found defeat.

It’s crazy how crippling your own voice can be. We are keen to speak positivity to our loved ones but many times, unconsciously we tear ourselves down in our minds.

There’s something remarkable about your own voice speaking as one with the mind of Christ. The creative power of our thoughts and words surely must be used to demonstrate the clear authority we have.

You see every won battle comes with spoil, and you were made to win EVERY battle. Most battles in our lives are won by simply saying, ‘I will not give up’. We cannot afford to give up the winnings of all we’ve been through by speaking them away.

Choose to tend and care for you. Let your inner voice speak light, life, love, healing, forgiveness, victory, jubilation, excitement, kindness and acceptance to yourself. Celebrate you, flaws and all. Let others find you already loved by you. It’s the best way to let God’s love overflow to them.

Don’t just get by. Thrive.