The Grace Well

The Grace Well was founded by Pastor Lee in February 2016 as a commission to raise an army of women that use prayer skillfully to navigate their lives and influence society.
The spiritual realm is the causal realm and prayer is the portal through which the kingdom of God is established on earth and the will of God superimposed upon the systems of this world. We pray because we are fulfilling our mandate to subdue and dominate all of creation.
God put us in charge of his handiwork and all things under our feet. Psalms 8:6
Creation is longing for the expression of true stewards that understand authority and dominion. The breakdown in our society will not be fixed by more lukewarm churches, social clubs, intelligent conversations or even better systems. The chaos in our society can only be set to order by men and women of effectual prayer.
…The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16b
As sons of the creator of the universe, we have the empowerment to be all that we were preordained to be and to influence generations to come. Therefore, we pray, pray and pray some more.
We have been beneficiaries of the miraculous and have grown in our skill. The secret place has revealed us to ourselves and we have seen new facets of God in our everyday lives!
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