The greatest battles you will ever fight are those in your mind. Chief of these battles is probably that of inadequacy. Every single day there are glaring reminders that you are human and can’t quite do everything. In fact, sometimes we end up feeling like there’s nothing we can do quite right especially when results are less than favourable, many times over.

It’s interesting to note though that our circumstances will never be indefectible. Truth be told, as we grow, the challenges do too. And yet it is possible to live a fully victorious life.

The battlefield is in your mind. Your tongue is your greatest and most important armament. The most debilitating habit that many of us have mastered is the ability to consistently curse ourselves, then vigorously send fire to the village witch. Just kidding. One minute we are declaring how we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us and the next twenty, we are complaining about everything and anything. We preach about the anointing that breaks every yoke and in the same breath, bedamn the economy.

You are human, deeply flawed too. But deeper and more real is the power that raised Christ from the dead that roars inside you; the sempiternal divinity that longs to express itself in your finite humanity.

Your mind is the most attentive listener of your tongue. Your mind follows hard and fast after every declaration you make. Keep joking about the sorry state of your bank account, your family, your boss, your car, your skills, your relationships and your mind submits, obeys, limits itself to your words and creates a sorry life for you.

But every time you declare the light, might, power, victory, peace, effectiveness, and the grace of God resident in you, you are unleashing your mind and commanding it to work without limits in the creative power of its infinite architect.

The feeling of inadequacy will never be conquered by a change in your circumstances. Your circumstances will be changed through the transformation of your mind. Reject fiercely negative thoughts, by positive, out-of-the-ordinary declarations and your habits will begin to change. When your habits begin to change, the results will astound you.

Charge your atmosphere deliberately with light and love. For by God you can advance against a troop; with Him you can scale walls. YOU ARE ADEQUATE.
From the fruit of their mouth a person’s stomach is filled; with the harvest of their lips they are satisfied. The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Proverbs:20-21