Ezekiel 11:19
And I will give them one heart, and a new spirit I will put within them. I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh and give them a heart of flesh.

Marriage is the first and most basic institution in the world. By the redefinition of marriage and family, anything else can be challenged and redefined. The relationship between Jesus and the church is exemplified on earth by the relationship between a man and a wife.

Unfortunately the marriage institution is under siege, and therefore, all institutions will come under siege. Recently a woman sued her school for not referring to her as ‘They’. She doesn’t want to be addressed as a woman, or as a man. She says she is a ‘they’. She went to court, and she won the case. Smh.

The boundaries of morality are being pushed every day. Men and women are turning against each other violently. Children are taking their own lives. Teenagers are having orgies. Drugs, pornography, infidelity, homosexuality, alcoholism, witchcraft and occultism are plaguing homes heavily.

As we said, the kingdom has a lot to do with the superimposition of culture. We bring not only the definition of what families should look like, but our families should have the highest level of functionality. The world should look and see a difference in our family set ups. The world should want to be like us. We don’t take over the mountain of family through preaching. We take over by example.

Intercession will give God room to work in our families, shatter impossibilities, reset our family altars and kick the devil and all his minions out of our homes.

If we don’t pray for families, no other pursuits of order will work.

Today, we’re making all kinds of intercessions for our families.

Please be very intentional and deliberate. Identify the issues in your family that must be sorted out with urgency, and make a fervent push towards resolution. Pray the word. Pray with faith. Pray with fervency. Pray with commitment.

Prayer points
Declare that marriage will begin to stand against all odds.
Marriages will be healed and for deliverance from affairs, alcoholism, pornography, drug addictions and all that the enemy has been using to bring an end to marriages.
The remnant in character will begin to arise.
That the abortion agenda will not begin to wither. Pray for the hearts of people to be softened towards the unborn.
Pray parents will actually model our culture and deliberately raise a generation of children that fear God.
Renounce family wickedness and bloodline patterns and release blessings upon your family.
Pray that Christians will rise in warfare for their families